Download the GLDC Member Rewards Program app at APPLE APP STORE( or GOOGLE PLAY store(, and register a members account through your mobile phone number and email. Each valid mobile phone number or email can only be registered once.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old; each person can apply for only one GLDC membership.

The accumulative spending amount is calculated based on the total paid amount of the invoice. Every spending of HK $10 will get 1 point, spending less than HK $10 will not be calculated.

Members can keep the consumption receipts, and use the GLDC Member Rewards Program App to scan the QR code on the receipt to record the points within 30 days after consumption. Overdue will not be accepted.

If the applicant successfully becomes a member, a confirmation email will be received no later than 48 hours after application. Members can log in to the membership app to check account status.

If the applicant needs to change his / her personal information after becoming a member, he/she can directly log in to the GLDC Member Rewards Program apps to change it. However, members must pay attention to the fact that the month and date of birth cannot be changed, and the mobile phone number can only be changed once.

Silver Member" spends $ 3,000 or accumulates 300 points within one year can be upgraded automatically to "Gold Member" the next day. The existence of the 300 points is based on the balance at 12 pm every day. If you only reach 300 points during the day, but you do not reach 300 points due to use or any reason at 12 pm, the system will not arrange an upgrade. 

If you are a former Club LDK member, your login name and password are the phone number you used when you registered.

After logging in, please click "Coupon" at the bottom right corner of the main page and press "All" to view the welcome coupons. Please note that the welcome coupons will expire in one month counted from the register or upgrade date of the member account.

After logging in, please click "Coupon" at the bottom right corner of the main page, and then click "Redeem",  and you can select the brands and coupons you want to redeem.

  1. The app has accidentally closed: please contact our Facebook page (@gldclubhk) to provide the version of your membership app (after logging in to the program, press the three-stroke button in the upper right corner, and then see it in the lower right corner), register name and phone number. We will arrange technical staffs to follow up as soon as possible.
  2. The QR code has been damaged: please contact our Facebook page (@gldclubhk) and provide the photocopy of that receipt, your registered name and phone number for processing. 
  3. Failed to save points after scanning QR code: Because the system is sometimes busy, it is recommended to try scanning the QR code one hour later after failure. 
  4. A black screen appears when entering the page to scan QR code: 
  • IOS system: Enter “Settings”, pull to the GlobalLink app, enter related settings and allow its access to the camera.
  • Android system: Enter “Settings”, select “Apps”, pull to GlobalLink app, select “Permissions”, and allow its access to the camera.

The accumulated spending amount records and points in GLDC apps will be updated within 48 hours after scanning the QR code to save points. Members can view the accumulated consumption records and points through the GLDC member application.

Any purchases made at GLDC designated restaurants or restaurants in Hong Kong before becoming a member will not entitle to any reward points.

Please indicate it’s your birthday month to the store staff before payment, show the logged-in GLDC Member Rewards Program app to allow scanning of QR code to record the double points for the current spending.

GLDC Silver membership does not have an expiration date, the member points will expire at 23:59:59 on December 31 each year. Gold membership and points will expire one year after the date of becoming / upgrading to the Gold member.  Gold members can maintain Gold status if he/she can accumulate spending amount of $3000 within one year.

GLDC will send a notification through its app to members before the expiry date of the reward points.

GLDC membership can only be used by the members themselves and cannot be transferred to others. When using the related GLDC membership benefits or saving reward points, members may need to show their membership identification, such as confirming the registered mobile phone number or showing the electronic membership card displayed on the membership apps.

Coupons in the GLDC apps cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, discounts or cash vouchers.

Members must indicate their membership status before payment to enjoy the membership benefits. In any case, if they fail to present a valid identification membership status, the discount will not be able to obtain or reimburse, and will not be recounted afterward.

The reward points used will be deducted immediately when using the member discount.

The reward points cannot be transferred or used by others, nor can they be combined with other members' rewards points. But you can redeem coupons and give them to friends.

You can ask the staff for assistance. The staff will record your information and a copy of the receipt, and save points for you later.

Since each membership has a unique redemption code, members who fail to open the app cannot redeem gifts/coupons. If the app cannot be opened due to a problem with the app, please notify the relevant colleagues as soon as possible for processing.

Members can terminate their membership at any time by written notice or email, at which time any unused points will be cancelled and membership will be terminated.

GLDC is restricted to non-Global Link Retail Management Limited employees or staff members only. If any employee or staff member is found participating in this membership rewards programme, their membership and reward points will be cancelled immediately without notice.