May 21, 2018

An Early Summer with a Fresh Perspective

In May, Ta Vie 旅 doesn’t simply celebrate the energy-filled season but also our 3rd anniversary. That's why Chef Hideaki Sato has revamped the dining experience with a more holistic 10-course tasting menu. Featuring delicacies across Asia in late spring and early summer, the new menu includes some of the guests’ all time favourites together with some of Chef Sato’s exquisite new creations, all illustrating the culinary philosophy behind - pure, simple and seasonal.

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Herewith some of the cuisine highlights:

Green asparagus with Burata and Longjing tea leaves served with avocado and green apple purée -

When Japanese asparagus is at its best, Chef Sato picks the freshest one from his hometown Nagano for its sweetness. Served with delicate burrata cheese and this year’s spring picked longjing tea, it adds umami and herbaceousness that elevates its flavour to another level, giving more complexity to the simple burrata cheese to somehow like brie. Everything is balanced with a hint of acidity with a touch of avocado and green apple purée, simply delicious!

Deep fried Taiwanese bamboo shoot with crispy skin stuffed with Hokkaido scallop

Chef Sato loves the pure sweetness and a hint of floral tone of seasonal Taiwanese bamboo shoot. This dish simply celebrates the beauty of ingredient with stuffed Hokkaido scallop to echo its delicate sweetness. Adding a whimsical touch with layers of filo pastry, after deep fried it just looks exactly like a piece of baby bamboo shoot which is crispy on outside, crunchy and bouncy in the inside.

Jasmine flower and white tea blanc-manger with melon soup

Resisting the summer heat, this refreshing dessert features juicy Shizuoka melon and its own juice with a floral tone of jasmine blossom and white peony tea blanc-manger. It doesn’t only refresh your palate but all senses.

Peach . Coconuts . Mangosteen

Japanese white peach has abundant of sweetness. The beautifully delicate peach-like sugar work covered with a complexity of tropical fruitiness from the peach compote, fresh mangosteen for its acidity and homemade coconut ice cream for its fragrance and lightness, served with peach compote juice jelly and marinated peach resin for a nourishing touch.


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