Mar 25, 2018

The Legendary Sushi Saito Opens at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Eighteen months in planning with another three months to complete a massive transformation on the top floor of prestigious Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, the world’s most sought-after sushi sensation, three-Michelin-starred Sushi Saito is opening on March 25, 2018.

Since the announcement that Tokyo’s sushi legend had chosen to land in Asia’s culinary capital, thousands of booking enquiries have been received through various channels. Due to the overwhelming response, priority reservations for the next six months is now exclusively available to regular guests of GLOBAL LINK restaurants (Tenku RyuGin, Ta Vie 旅 and La Bombance) and Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

Restoring the Authentic Taste of Edomae-style Sushi

Chef Saito’s vision is to restore the authenticity of Edomae-style sushi as it was hundreds of years ago. Paying respect to long-standing tradition, everything is simple, focused on the precision of fish aging, rice cooking and the amount of vinegar, soy sauce and wasabi applied to different kinds of ingredients.

At Tsukiji Market, the best of the best fish always goes to Sushi Saito. Chef Saito insists on selecting the best catch by himself everyday as he strongly believes in the importance of thorough understanding about every single ingredients being served to guests. For his Hong Kong restaurant, “Saito’s Selection” will be flown to the city on the same day it is chosen at which point it will go through a highly-skilled aging process to enhance the umami and texture.

A Stellar Team to Deliver an Impeccable Experience

Ensuring the quality is maintained the same as in Tokyo, the Hong Kong offshoot will be helmed by the 29-year-old Chef Ikuya Kobayashi who has been working closely with Chef Saito for over eight years as his second-in-command at Sushi Saito Tokyo.

“I always see myself as a performer interacting with guests through sushi but equally important is the team who backs me up from mise en place to cooking. Through the years, Chef Kobayashi is the anchor I have been counting on. Now is the opportunity for this truly talented young chef to thrive, as it was when I had my master chef’s approval at the age of 33. It is important to develop young talents and pass down the tradition from generation to generation. Here I am confident that Chef Kobayashi is ready to take up this monumental mission”, Chef Saito commented.

An Artisan Line up that Lifts Sushi Enjoyment to New Heights

Sushi Saito is well-known for its cozy, relaxed and friendly ambience, allowing like-minded food lovers to share enjoyment and passion in sushi. The atmosphere in Hong Kong is further uplifted by the carefully curated art pieces and tableware created by legendary Japanese artists like Kitaōji Rosanjin, Shiro Tsujimura and Kai Tsujimura. An elegant sushi counter and interior furniture made with premium Japanese cypress selected from forest in Nagano create a zen-like sensation while the slightly narrower counter design facilitates a better interaction between chef and diners.


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