Nov 30, 2017

Ta Vie 旅 Retained its Two Michelin Stars in 2018

Located at the Pottinger in Central, Ta Vie 旅 was founded by Michelin-two-starred chef Hideaki Sato in 2015. “Pure, Simple and Seasonal” is the culinary philosophy of the restaurant and Chef Sato redefines contemporary French cuisine by using remarkable Asian produce. To introduce world-class culinary experience to Hong Kong and bring exciting vibes to the local gourmet scene, Ta Vie 旅 is active in collaboration with star-studded chefs around the world. In 2017, Chef Sato and his team have also visited Copenhagen, Tokyo and Taipei for global culinary exchange.

Climbing up one rung to the two-star category in Michelin Guide 2017, Ta Vie 旅 has once again been awarded two Michelin stars this year. Chef Sato shows his appreciation for the support given to the restaurant. “This significant achievement is the outcome of our team’s effort and your support. We are truly grateful to our customers, my team, suppliers, fishermen, farmers and all those who have given their support. The coveted two-star accolade is not only ours, but also belongs to every one of you. Ta Vie旅 will continue to carry out more breathtaking food journeys and to share with you an unforgettable gourmet experience.”


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