Dec 04, 2018

Brand New Shabu Shabu Set

At time when temperature is dropping, the wagyu expert is prepping for a brand new Wagyu Shabu Shabu Set as an alternative to hotpot lovers.

Priced at HK$690 per person plus 10% service charge (minimum order for two persons), the Wagyu Shabu Shabu Set includes a hearty soup base, a wagyu platter, assorted Japanese vegetables, finished with udon or Japanese rice.

A choice of three flavorsome broth bases include the delicate and fragrant beef consommé, rich and comforting chicken and oxtail soup and spicy beef soup with vegetables if you can handle the heat; all have been simmered for over 8 hours with abundant of oxtails, chicken bones and vegetables.

Featuring four kinds of premium rare cuts, the wagyu platter includes the silky-smooth rump (2 slices), soft and juicy misuji (2 slices), tender and flavorful sirloin (2 slices), as well as crunchy yet succulent Australian ox tongue (2 slices). Yakiniku Jumbo serves only the best quality of hand-sliced A5 Kuroge wagyu, chilled and never frozen, to ensure a differentiation on freshness, flavor and texture. Assorted Japanese vegetables are flown in daily from Japan, offering the guests with the finest and freshest produce.

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