Sep 29, 2017

La Bombance and Jebsen Fine Wines Co-present: Raifuku x Modern Kaiseki - Sake Pairing Experience

This autumn, La Bombance is taking the modern Kaiseki experience to another level. Partnering with Jebsens Fine Wines, Raifuku from Ibaraki Perfecture, an over 300-year-old sake brand will be introduced to local connoisseurs. Using almost 20 types of sake rice to brew with 10 kinds of flower yeast, the natural yeast developed from flowers, Raifuku’s produce is famous for its round and smooth sensation, robust floral tone with a diversity of flavours on palate.

Meanwhile, a brand new seasonal menu will be launched with a vision to match with the exquisite range of sake, featuring luxurious autumnal delicacy like matsutake, monkfish liver, sea perch, wagyu beef and French duck, all served inside the contemporarily furnished dining hall with a breath-taking 270-degree Victoria Harbour view.

From Oct 9 – Nov 5, 2017, a 7-kind sake pairing will be served at HK$628* inclusive of super premium sake, the award-wining Raifuku Junmai Daigingo Ultra 8, as well as the La Bombance exclusive, Raifuku X-Black.

Inaugurating this special collaboration, sake maker of Raifuku is visiting La Bombance to host a 2-night-only Raifuku x Modern Kaiseki experience. Details as follows:

For reservation and inquiry, please contact us by calling 3188 3326 or email:


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