Jun 01, 2018

Tokyo’s Guru Lands Hong Kong

Pioneering Yakiniku Enjoyment for 30 Years

Tokyo’s Guru Yakiniku Jumbo Lands Hong Kong

The acclaimed Japanese grilled meat guru, Yakiniku Jumbo, who revolutionized today’s Yakiniku enjoyment, is opening in end of May this year in the heart of Central. Striving to introduce the most authentic Yakiniku experience with the best quality of Waygu beef across Japan, this new opening sets another milestone of Global Link Dining Collection soon after its opening of the world’s most sought-after sushiya, the three-Michelin-starred Sushi Saito at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

Operating for 30 years, Yakiniku Jumbo is one of the most beloved meat havens where sushi legend, Chef Takashi Saito of Sushi Saito is also one of the big fans among the meat-loving connoisseurs in Tokyo. Lived up to its reputation, Yakiniku Jumbo is always ranked high on Japan’s leading word-of-mouth review site, Tabelog. In 2018, it is ranked number two among all the Yakiniku brands in Japan while it is also named as one of the top 10 Yakiniku restaurants by

The Secrets behind the Success of Yakiniku Jumbo

  1. Best of the Best Wagyu Beef Selected across the Entire Japan

At most of the Yakiniku restaurants, origin of wagyu beef is most from a single region. Yakiniku Jumbo has changed the game. Due to the long-term trust and relationship with meat suppliers, Yakiniku Jumbo can reach out to all the breeds of wagyu beef across Japan while only chilled meat is served, never frozen, for keeping the texture and juiciness of the beef.

Based on the characteristic of different breeds, the taste and texture of different cuts are different. At Yakiniku Jumbo, each of the cut is selected from different breeds to make sure the best of the best can be served to food lovers. In each piece of meat, the marbling is not just ultra fine but evenly distributed with a good balanced between fattiness and meatiness. Making sure the same quality is delivered as in Tokyo, every single cut will be personally selected by Head Chef and Owner of Yakiniku Jumbo, Chef Norimitsu Nanbara, then freshly sent to Hong Kong weekly.

  1. Over 20 Kinds of Rare Cut All in One House

There had been tough moment at Yakiniku Jumbo particularly at its first 10 years. The adverse situation inspired its founder, Chef Nanbara Tatsuo to focus on developing new ways to refine the enjoyment of Yakiniku, from the breeds of wagyu to the cut, from slicing to grilling technique. In 2002, he pioneered to serve Yakiniku with over 20 kinds of rare cuts including hip, top round, outside round, flank and more. For every single cut, the way to slice the beef, thickness of the meat and the grilling methods are different to bring out a perfectly balance in flavour and the ultimate characteristic of the texture. Ever since his revolutionary move, Yakiniku Jumbo has become so popular that rest of the Yakiniku restaurants follow this practice in the coming decade.

  1. Possibly the Best Tare Sauce in the World

Tare sauce is the soul of Yakiniku which creates more depth to the meaty flavour while also balanced the fattiness. Yakiniku Jumbo is well-known for the best tare sauce can be found as this unique sauce with a secret recipe behind is supplied to all the top five Yakiniku restaurants on Tabelog.

  1. Spectacular Slicing Skill and Grilling Methods

Other than serving different cuts with different slicing and grilling methods, there are quite a few original delicacies including its signature “Noharayaki”, a thin slice of sirloin marinated in the tare sauce then lightly broiled for 10 seconds and served with beaten egg yolk. It feels like enjoying sukiyaki. Since every single cut the beef is chilled not frozen, it cannot be sliced by machine but hand cut by highly skilled chefs.

Another Meatpacking District in Central

Located in the heart of Central, the 5,000 sq ft gourmet spot is not only for meat lovers but also for the stylish taste-makers no matter for power lunch on weekdays, casual brunch during weekends, sumptuous dinner or even private party.

Address: Shop 302, 3/F, Man Yee Building, 68 Des Voeux Road Central, Central

Operating Hour:Monday to Saturday 12:00nn – 2:00pm (Last Order) 及 6:00pm - 9:00pm (Last Seating)

Contact No.: +852 2151 3887

Website: www.globallink.com.hk/yakinikujumbo

Email: booking@yakinikujumbo.com.hk


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