We have 2 food factories, with over 5000sq-ft operation space for food processing and pre-produced F&B products, support all of our restaurants. We started OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service, with varies of food such as : Onigiri (Rice Ball), Oden, etc.


Our two central food production workshops are over 5,000 square feet, pre-processing ingredients for our restaurants on a daily basis, as well as producing food and catering for all our restaurants. Therefore, the taste, quality, hygiene, temperature, etc. of the food are strictly controlled in our workshop to ensure that the food and beverages we provide meet a high standard, and the quality can be more stable and maintained to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers.


There are several machines from Japan in the central food production factory, which are used for the production process of various foods, and refrigeration rooms with strict monitoring to ensure the freshness of food and maintain food safety. In addition, one of our factories has a consumption corridor. Our trained staff can do their best to ensure the safety and hygienic quality of food before processing special ingredients, so that customers can enjoy their meals with peace of mind.