The World’s Most Sought-After Sushi Restaurant
Awarded 2 Michelin Stars
Ranked among Asia's 50 Best Restaurants
South China Morning Post 100 Top Tables
Founded in Tokyo by legendary Chef Takashi Saito, Sushi Saito is one of the most sought-after sushi restaurants in the world. Even Chef Joël Robuchon has described it as the “best sushi restaurant in the world”. Chef Saito goes to extraordinary lengths to source the best ingredients daily from Tsukiji Market to create sushi that balances texture, temperature and flavour. Located on the top floor of the prestigious Four Seasons Hong Kong, the Hong Kong branch executes through the highest level of standard and precision with the daily fresh catch selected by Chef Sato himself, offering international connoisseurs with an authentic taste as in Tokyo.
"Sushi Saito" is located on the top floor of the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel. It is supervised by chef Saito himself. In addition to maintaining the highest quality standard, it allows guests from all over the world to enjoy the chef's exquisite craftsmanship every day. Experience the authentic taste of Tokyo with hand-picked fish.